Nuggets from the Open Faculty Patchbook

This Ontario Extend module asks: Nuggets: Check out the The Open Faculty Patchbook, and select an article that resonates with you. Take a passage from the article that grabs you in some way and make that passage as meaningful as possible. After reading through a lot of relevant content that I connect with as a teacher, I decided … Continue reading Nuggets from the Open Faculty Patchbook

Creative Writing to Start the Year

This Ontario Extend activity states: Create an introductory activity connected to your discipline to get to know your learners. Can you think of some fun and interesting questions for your discipline? Even as an English teacher, who studied English literature for undergrad, I find it challenging to find fun and engaging activities to get students at … Continue reading Creative Writing to Start the Year

Truck driving through the mud.

Writing is like Driving

The Extend Activity in Module 1 in the section "Mastery"  asks us - What concept in your discipline is like driving a car? Can you identify the component skills required to master this concept or skill? The first thing that came to mind for me was that writing was like driving a car. You need to … Continue reading Writing is like Driving

English Class – WIIFM?

In response to Extend Activity "WIIFM" on the Ontario Extend Module 1. I remember asking my math teacher in high school, "Why do I need to learn trigonometry? I'm never going to use it in my career." Here I am, 18 years after graduating high school and have yet to use trig! I get it … Continue reading English Class – WIIFM?

Concept Mapping a College Communications Course

The Ontario Extend "Extend Activity" for Module 1 in the Organize Knowledge section asks participants to "create a concept map of your course syllabus." I teach one course a semester, so I decided to map out the course that I'll be teaching for the second time ENG1002 - College Communications for the Community and Justice Service … Continue reading Concept Mapping a College Communications Course