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The Ontario Extend “Extend Activity” for Module 1 in the Organize Knowledge section asks participants to “create a concept map of your course syllabus.” I teach one course a semester, so I decided to map out the course that I’ll be teaching for the second time ENG1002 – College Communications for the Community and Justice Service program. I love teaching English for this program because the faculty are more than willing to meet with me and share what they’ll be teaching, what skills they feel their students need to practice and we have even drafting some shared assignments to alleviate some of the semester’s workload for our students!

Here is my Extend Activity: Concept Map for ENG1002

I have always used Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe’s Universal Design for Learning model for planning my courses and units. Backwards design has really helped me to align all of my assignments to the program/course outcomes – it ensures that I’m not just making assessments for the sake of assessing. I loved this activity because it helped me to visualize the alignment of my course.


2 thoughts on “Concept Mapping a College Communications Course

  1. I’m fascinated by the precision of your map and how everything ties so perfectly together. I’m also glad you referenced that book – I remember you mentioning it during orientation and I went to look for it afterwards but it wasn’t there (my guess…Sidney beat me to it! :P)


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