This is post #4 for the 9x9x25 Challenge!

I have be fortunate to work with amazing female colleagues that have inspired me to become a better teacher, a better employee, a better colleague, a better mother, a better feminist, a better person. These women are fierce, strong, driven, successful, beautiful souls.

Ashleigh has such a passion for student success. She supports them both inside the classroom and out. She finds creative ways to teach her core subjects – math and English. She isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right for her students. She inspires me to push the limits and find creative ways of teaching my content.

Val is a creative soul; an arts teacher. She infuses Indigenous art into her courses to teach students about their heritage and history. She volunteers to supervise activities and organize trips to expose her students to new experiences. She builds great rapport with her students and creates such a warm classroom environment. She inspires me to build a better personal rapport with my students.

Sylvie is a ray of sunshine. She is always smiling and is so easy to chat with. We shared an office for about a year and got close during this time. I’d see people come into the office angry about something and she was always able to calm them and leave them with a smile on their face. I’ve seen her keep her cool in meetings, no matter what. When I’m in meetings or conversations where I feel I am getting heated, I often think to myself, “What would Sylvie say?” It’s become my mantra in those moments when my emotions want to take over my mouth! Sylvie is also an amazing mother and has given me loads of great advice now that I’m a mother. She inspires me to use my brain instead of my emotions during heated discussions (both at work and at home)!

Sarah is like sprinkles on a donut; the icing on the cake. She takes something good and always makes it better. She has a great mind for conceptualizing big ideas and executing them. She is able to organize people and get them to complete projects without nagging them. She loves using food analogies, so that’s why I used a food analogy to describe her. She is a great listener and a phenomenally hard worker. She inspires me by her ability to rally the troops and get s*** done!

Jess is one of the hardest working people I know. She has this amazing way of scoping out projects with people; she asks all the right questions to find out exactly what they want to do so that she can plan a project that they will be happy with. She is passionate educator that experiments with new ideas. She inspires me to push myself further, both academically and professionally.

I have worked with so many great women during my career and I’ve learned valuable things from all of them. It is important to find people at your institution that push you to become a better employee, a better teacher, a better person. Jennifer Gonzalez calls these people Marigolds. Read her post here.

4 thoughts on “Fierce Female Colleagues

  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you for exposing me to the marigold effect! You are my marigold and I’m so inspired to blog about this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, I love that I’m your marigold! There are so many great people in education and if people want to be great educators they need to surround themselves with those amazing folks! I’ve been fortunate to meet so many amazing colleagues (both male and female). You inspire me with your drive to grow so quickly and dedication to your students’ success ❤️


    1. Awesome to hear! We love having you come down – always so eager to try new things and go above and beyond!


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