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The Obligatory New Year’s Resolution Blog Post

At this time of year, many people are thinking about the resolutions they are going to make. As an educator, I usually make my resolutions twice a year: once for January (typical time to make a resolution) and again for September when the academic year starts. If a goal is worth having, it's worth blocking … Continue reading The Obligatory New Year’s Resolution Blog Post

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Mapping My PLN

I admire so many educators and influencers. I don't need to look very far for inspiration because I'm surrounded by amazing colleagues that inspire me everyday - I couldn't possibly add every single one of them to my 'Influential Educators' PLN map. I ended up grouping my PLN Map into clusters based on 'location'. Influential … Continue reading Mapping My PLN

The Complexity of Digital Literacy

This blog post is in response to the Ontario Extend Activity "What is your definition of digital literacies for teaching?" in the Technologist module.  Before doing a little research, I would have said that I know what digital literacy is. It is the ability to locate, use, share, assess, and produce content using technologies and/or the … Continue reading The Complexity of Digital Literacy

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To Cornell or Not?

This is a post in response to the Extend Activity 'Try watching a TED talk or conference keynote video yourself to practice your own note-taking skills using Cornell Notes' found in the Teacher for Learning module under the heading Organize Knowledge. I love watching TedTalks! I probably spent over an hour trying to narrow down … Continue reading To Cornell or Not?

Reflections on the 7 ‘How Learning Works’ Principles

This post is in response to the section 'How Learning Works' in the Teacher for Learning module on Ontario Extend. I will start off by saying that I really want to read this book, so my reflection on the seven principles will be based on just the topics -- I will update this post after … Continue reading Reflections on the 7 ‘How Learning Works’ Principles

Mutualism at its Finest

This post is in response to Ontario Extend's Metacognition Extend Activity, " What is your metaphor for teaching and learning? Find a photo or draw a picture. Narrate why this image represents you and your approach as a teacher." When prompted with this question, I considered the typical cliché metaphors for teaching: teacher as a gardener - … Continue reading Mutualism at its Finest

Nuggets from the Open Faculty Patchbook

This Ontario Extend module asks: Nuggets: Check out the The Open Faculty Patchbook, and select an article that resonates with you. Take a passage from the article that grabs you in some way and make that passage as meaningful as possible. After reading through a lot of relevant content that I connect with as a teacher, I decided … Continue reading Nuggets from the Open Faculty Patchbook

Creative Writing to Start the Year

This Ontario Extend activity states: Create an introductory activity connected to your discipline to get to know your learners. Can you think of some fun and interesting questions for your discipline? Even as an English teacher, who studied English literature for undergrad, I find it challenging to find fun and engaging activities to get students at … Continue reading Creative Writing to Start the Year

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Writing is like Driving

The Extend Activity in Module 1 in the section "Mastery"  asks us - What concept in your discipline is like driving a car? Can you identify the component skills required to master this concept or skill? The first thing that came to mind for me was that writing was like driving a car. You need to … Continue reading Writing is like Driving

English Class – WIIFM?

In response to Extend Activity "WIIFM" on the Ontario Extend Module 1. I remember asking my math teacher in high school, "Why do I need to learn trigonometry? I'm never going to use it in my career." Here I am, 18 years after graduating high school and have yet to use trig! I get it … Continue reading English Class – WIIFM?