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What exactly is content curation?

I have always prided myself on the ability to curate content but I now realize that I was just simply collecting content. By collecting, I just gathered a bunch of stuff and housed it on my computer. On the other hand, curation is when you handpick content using a certain lens/perspective and add your own voice to it in order to bring value to that collection of seemingly random things. Then, you share it to be consumed by others.

Curating Content using OER

This post is a response to the Ontario Extend Curator Module Extend Activity. Finding the right OER to curate content for your course reminds me of shopping at Winners. You have to have patience to wade through all of the items, and if you are patient enough you might just find the perfect article of … Continue reading Curating Content using OER

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Content Curation: On the Bandwagon of Open

This post is in response to the Ontario Extend Curator module Extend Activity "What’s your definition of content curation?" The best definition I found for the word 'curate' comes from MacMillan Dictionary: to select items from among a large number of possibilities for other people to consume and enjoy; applied to many areas including music, … Continue reading Content Curation: On the Bandwagon of Open