What exactly is content curation?

I have always prided myself on the ability to curate content but I now realize that I was just simply collecting content. By collecting, I just gathered a bunch of stuff and housed it on my computer. On the other hand, curation is when you handpick content using a certain lens/perspective and add your own voice to it in order to bring value to that collection of seemingly random things. Then, you share it to be consumed by others.

The Flop of the Pineapple Project

This is post #3 for the 9x9x25 Challenge!  I read about this phenomenal idea called the Pineapple Chart on Cult of Pedagogy’s blog. Follow Jennifer here on Twitter, too! In a nutshell, the Pineapple Chart has five columns along the top labeled Monday to Friday. The rows are labelled down the side into half hour…